Justin Gatlin Never Gave Up In Spite Of His Doping Saga

Justin Gatlin, the 35-year old who was banned twice for doping gave an outstanding performance in the 2017 World Athletics Championships, London at the 100m to defeat Usain Bolt, the defending champion. Justin Gatlin, who was the Olympic 100m champion in 2004 and double world champion in 2005 experienced booing every time he went to his blocks in London World Athletics Championships; his doping past was used against him. After his second positive test for testosterone in 2006, he luckily avoided a life ban after cooperating with the authorities accepting an eight-year suspension that was then reduced four on appeal. That left him free to return to the track. In 2012, that was supposed to be Gatlin’s year when he went to the World Championships in Beijing on the back of a 28 races unbeaten run lost to Usain Bolt, The Jamaican that produced his great miracle to beat Gatlin that night in the Bird’s Nest where he won 100m Olympic gold. Gatlin could not provide the perfect ending to a perfect career. But smiles finally came to his face at London World Athletics Championships, 2017 where he stood tall and putting his finger to his lips as his win stunned the capacity crowd to initial silence as he outran Usain Bolt that was running his last race before bowing out of the sport.

The challenges of life would hit you harder so that you can quit the journey of success that would bring joy and happiness into your life. Gatlin wasn’t distracted by the booing crowd in the stadium or the criticism from the media he remained focused. He knew what he wanted. His mind was set on the prize. His visualization is big and strong. At the end he won the 100m.

A joyful praise for a man that many in the sport wished no longer had the chance to compete. No matter the difficulty you are going through never give up like Justlin Gatlin.


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