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(Worth: #6,500)


If you have made up your mind to START EARNING EXTRA  N80,000 – N300,000 monthly on part time, you need do yourself a great favour.


What is Mini Importation Business and How can you start?

I am here to completely reveal the Secret behind Mini Importation business and you too can start Importing from the comfort of your Home to make Guaranteed #80,000 to #300,000 Monthly Income. Importing Items from United States, United Kingdom, Singapore, Thailand and China and reselling them here in Nigeria

No Worries!

I have Tested the Water for you and broken all the codes and you can learn the Secret of importation, So you can be rest assured and have no fear . With my Importation Made Easy, Importation has become as Easy as  1 – 2 – 3 – 4.



I am not going to make this long and complicated because i believe that a good product and a trust worthy name will always sell itself. So, do not expect to see all those fluffs and fillers HERE.
Straight to the point, I have decided throwing out a superb offer for the sake of fellow Nigerians who will benefit immensely from it.

This was brought about by my insatiable appetite to always disseminate quality information that will improve the life of my esteemed Subscribers and honorable followers. Touching lives in my own special way gives me so much pleasure and satisfaction which gears me to always give out everything i deemed useful to my subscribers.

For this reason, i have decided to give out TEN (10) Quality materials plus 6 other bonuses that will benefit each and everyone of my subscribers. I bet there will be no way where there wouldn’t be at least 4 to 8 out of these collections that will tickle Your fancy.
I shall give all 10 materials plus 6 other bonuses to you for a token. May be i should first of all permit you check through the materials in my special collection.
The Collection Include…

How To Register Your Business Name With The Corporate Affairs
Commission (CAC) In 21 Days Or Less,Without A Lawyer And
With Less Than N15,000

(Worth: #2,500)
When i started the process of registering my Business Name and it cost me not more than #6000, i was so surprised because, i had once approached a lawyer friend who collected some cash from me and never even processed the papers. Most of these Lawyers charge as much as #50,000. This guide will teach you the simple processes involved which you can do all by yourself and save time and money.
CANADA TRAVEL SECRET SHow To Legally Get A Canadian Visa & Work Permit That Will Help You To Relocate To Canada Without Ever Going To The Embassy(Worth: #5,500) 



This secret had been kept from Nigerians for so long by those so called agents who help people to secure VISAs at exorbitant rates. Get hold of this well laid out information and securing Canadian VISA will be so simple…


PRODUCT 03Bulk SMS Cash Empire The Secret To Making 100k Monthly With Bulk SMS(Worth: #1,500)



Bulk SMS business is profitable business for those who are ready to learn the inside secret of the business. This guide is a very informative one for just anyone who is set to be a stake-holder in the bulk sms business.




YES YOU CAN STUDY IN FINLAND, NORWAY, AND SWEDEN without PAYING A DIME. A friend of mine did this and right now, he is going for his master’s degree. You should be the next.


How To Buy A Brand NEW Laptop For As Low As N20,000 Without Leaving Your House Or Referring Anybody!
(Worth: #2,000) 


This is not the first time i am revealing this… for those who are getting this for the first time, it’s a complete guide which helps you in buying laptops from a secret website from abroad and the laptop will be shipped directly to your home address right here in Nigeria via DHL or other courier service. You save a lot of money when you buy from this source compared to buying in Nigeria.




Are you keen about online money making? This report helped me in understanding the online money making concept. This is enough to make you your first cash from the internet.



How To Start Electronics Importation Business From The Comfort Of Your Home With Less Than N10,000 Online, And Have Your Items Shipped To Your Door-Step In Less Than 5 Days!

(Worth: #3,500)



Do you know that you can start importation of Laptops, Phones, iPads and so on with less than N10,000? This manual will teach you everything you need to know

PRODUCT 08How To Get A World-Wide Accepted Visa Prepaid Card For Your Online Transactions In Nigeria.(Worth: #1,500)



If you are finding it hard to make payments online, there is a particular Visa card that can help you with that easily. And it is very affordable to own. I have included the step by step process to get the card in this manual.


PRODUCT 09How To Make An Extra $412 a Week Thanks To $17 [ #2,720]) 


It’s no news that i make money from fiverr and i have taught several Nigerians my secrets of making money on fiverr. But, what make the difference between those i taught about fiverr and myself is the fact that i consume alot of materials that teaches about fiverr. This report here is one of the recent reports i have read and it’s well loaded. Add this to the knowledge from my FIVERR VIDEO TRAINING and my FIVERR WSO EBOOK, you will be positioned towards earning good income from fiverr.


PRODUCT 10How To Create Mini Websites In Less Than 60 Minutes.(Worth #3,000) 


If you want to learn how to build websites like this one you are viewing, you need this guide. This is exactly what i read and which has assisted me in putting up all the websites i have online. This will save you a lot of money you will need to pay to website designers.


As you can see, those are 10 quality materials that I have carefully selected and which i know will benefit you a lot. The more reason why i am using this period to unleash them to you.
These are quality information products that i have benefited a lot from and now, i am granting you access to them all. As an Internet money making Coach, i need expose you to all the stuffs that are beneficial…
Warning: This Offer Expires within

The Next 7 Days
You can see for yourself above that it cost approximately #27,720 only to acquire all the 10 materials in the collection when i bought them individually.
If i were to charge just #1,000 each for these materials, it will be #10,000 in all. That’s less than 40% of what it cost me to acquire all these materials. But, i am so understanding and caring. I wouldn’t ask you to pay #12,000.
If i were to estimate #700 each for the materials in this collection, that will be #7,000 asking price. That will be a fair asking price for these superb collection. But, my main objective of this Special collection is to give you all these materials at just a token.

The price is…
   The price is at a wow discount. You will have the privilege of having all these 10 products + other attached bonuses in this collection for just #3000.  But, i must warn, this offer is not meant for all my subscribers. This is just for a few who will be smart enough to take action before this offer lapse.
When you are set to secure these materials, make a payment of just #3000. only.

STEP 1 - Make a bank deposit/online or mobile transfer of =N=3,000  into the bank below. The account details are:
Bank –             Guaranty Trust Bank Plc
Account Name -    Oladepo Olatunbosun .O
Account Number -  0015289307.STEP 2 - After payments, kindly send an email to (“10MATERIALS”, amount paid, depositor’s name, bank paid into, your email address, phone number).
For immediate delivery, ring  08032958671 immediately after sending the above details to the email.

It’s; Oladepo Olatunbosun   & Gbolagade Adetunji of reaching out to you with this Incredible special Offer.

NOTE: This is a partnership between Gbolagade Adetunji (Prof. Fiverr) and Oladepo Olatunbosun .o

Oladepo Olatunbosun .o& Gbolagade Adetunji


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